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Colonialism and Racial Inequality: The Case of Malaysia

Chee-Yong Tan, a PhD researcher in Development Studies at the University of Cambridge, will present his work on structural inequalities

About this event Broaden your knowledge of inequality and institutions with this introduction to colonialism and racial inequality in Malaysia. This accessible lecture will introduce some of the approaches of historical intuitionalism, analysing how economic resources were allocated differently based on racial identity during the colonial era. This discussion will allow to understand some of the colonial roots of economic inequality.

The lecture will be hosted on February 17, 4pm UK time with Chee-Yong Tan, a doctoral researcher in the department of Development Studies, and will be:

  1. In person at the University of Cambridge (Lecture Block, Sidgwick site, room 8)

  2. Livestreamed simultaneously through Zoom: (Passcode: 829331)

Paper 0 is a series of lectures hosted by the Cambridge Society for Economic Pluralism. They are aimed at broadening the economic understanding of undergraduates by presenting interactions of economics with other fields, such as political science, philosophy, computer science, development studies and many others.

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