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About Us

The Cambridge Society for Economic Pluralism (CSEP) is a society run by a dedicated group of students united by the belief that progress in the discipline of economics will be driven by an increasingly interdisciplinary approach and a pluralist platform in the 21st century. CSEP aims to enrich the understanding of Economics within Cambridge, promote alternative views on conventional thought, and make the discipline more applicable to real world problems.

John Maynard Keynes

"The master-economist must possess a rare combination of gifts .... He must be mathematician, historian, statesman, philosopher—in some degree. He must understand symbols and speak in words."

Speaker Events

Every year we are honoured to host fantastic speakers from around the world, including academics, policy-makers, and activist.  talking about the most pressing contemporary issues we face. All of our events are free and open to all, with the vast majority not requiring any prior economics knowledge.


Paper 0 Series

What was your motivation for reading economics? Did you want to learn about the pressing issues of our time – the current global economic crisis, the gap between the rich and the poor and the environmental concerns? Or did you perhaps want to be well prepared for a job in the City – to understand how economies function, to learn about specific industries or consumers? Whatever your aim was, how did you feel when you were first faced with the actual content of your papers? Do you feel like your studies are not addressing issues that you find important? Do you sometimes feel like you are not actually learning about the real world?

If any of those issues ever concerned you, then you might be interested in Paper 0, CSEP's open-lecture series run by students, for students. Here we address issues that we feel are not addressed in the curriculum, including inequality, climate change, and feminist economics.


Essay Competition

Every year Cambridge Society for Economic Pluralism hosts its Essay Competition to encourage sixth form students to go beyond their curriculum and explore important questions society faces today.


Weekly Newsletter

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