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2023-4 CSEP Essay Competition Result

We are delighted to congratulate the winners and runners-up of 2023-4 CSEP Essay Competition:

First Prize - Rory Keeble 

Runners-up - Yassin Azeb, Ethan Paynter

Access winning essays here :

Rory Keeble - Q5

Yassin Azeb - Q5

Ethan Paynter - Q5

The list of essay questions for this year can be found in the Essay Archive at the bottom right corner of this page.

This year we have received a number of entries of exceedingly good quality from various countries, which makes ranking extremely difficult. We would like to thank Prof. Charles Brendonfor his work of selecting the winner out of three strong runners-up.

Unfortunately, due to the high volume of participants, we are unable to provide personalised feedback. Winners will be contacted separately regarding their prize. Thanks everyone for participating, and we look forward to seeing more superb essay entries in next year's competition! 

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