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Your Economics Degree is Worthless (Panel Discussion: Ha-Joon Chang)

About this Event

Frustrated with your economics course? Fed up with a discipline that seems far removed from the economic reality the world is facing? In this event we have an expert panel at the forefront of challenging how the subject is taught. --- Dr Ha-Joon Chang is an institutional economist specialising in development economics. Currently a reader in the Political Economy of Development at the University of Cambridge, Chang is also the author of several widely discussed books, most notably ‘Economics: The User’s Guide’, and ’21 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism’. Marco Schneebalg is one of the founding members of CSEP, and currently works at the Bank of England. Professor Margaret Stevens (Oxford University) is a member of the steering group for the CORE project- a revolutionary network updating the existing economics curriculum in light of recent developments in economics, creating new content collaboratively with policy makers and making it available online. Cahal Moran is a founding member of the trailblazing Manchester University society ‘Post-Crash Economics’ and has co-authored ‘The Econocracy’ – dubbed by Lord Robert Skidelsky as a ‘rousing wake-up call to the economics profession.’ This lecture was recorded on 1st February 2017 at Mill Lane Leture Site, University of Cambridge. Follow us on: Facebook: Twitter: Website:

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