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Unstandard Deviation: Harnessing Positive Deviance to Reduce Inequality

Dr Kai Ruggeri presents a new framework for investigating inequality

About this event Why do only some people flourish in spite of difficult circumstances, and what stops others from doing the same? The answer may help policymakers crack the problem of inequality. Dr Kai Ruggeri, speaking in Keynes Hall at King's College Cambridge, presents a new framework for studying positive deviance, the ways in which particular individuals rise above the odds and become successful where their peers do not. Until recently, this aspect of inequality has been little studied. Dr Ruggeri demonstrates that investigating positive deviance can offer valuable insights into the causes of inequality and offers guidelines for studying it in the context of behavioural science and public policy. Using this framework, he explains how tapping into positive deviance will allow policymakers to produce interventions that are more ecologically sound and population relevant. Anybody interested in understanding the new ways behavioural science can benefit disadvantaged groups and inform economic policy will find this a practical and insightful talk.

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