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Professor Steve Keen - The New Economics: A Manifesto

Renowned Heterodox Economist Steve Keen proposes a New Economics, which centres money, energy, and ecological sustainability.

About this event In 1517, Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the wall of Wittenberg church. He argued that the Church's internally consistent but absurd doctrines had pickled into a dogmatic structure of untruth. It was time for a Reformation.

Half a millennium later, Steve Keen argues that economics needs its own Reformation. In Debunking Economics, he eviscerated an intellectual church - neoclassical economics - that systematically ignores its own empirical untruths and logical fallacies, and yet is still mysteriously worshipped by its scholarly high priests. In this book, he presents his Reformation: a New Economics, which tackles serious issues that today's economic priesthood ignores, such as money, energy and ecological sustainability. It gives us hope that we can save our economies from collapse and the planet from ecological catastrophe.

Professor Keen will be joining us to discuss his book, as well as take audience questions. All are welcome, so come prepared!

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