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My Mis-education: A filmmaker's journey through the constructs of economics

My Mis-Education is a document of the filmmaker’s darkly humorous journey through the mind-boggling constructs of mainstream economics

About this event

Mary Filippo is an independent American filmmaker who explores economic and social inequality through highly introspective documentaries. Her latest film, “My Mis-Education in 3 Graphics,” documents her experience in trying to understand, as stated by her, “how the U.S. had become so unequal in my lifetime, and whether globalization was really helping raise living standards in the poorer countries.” Over 16 years, Mary audited introductory economics courses in leading universities and conducted interviews with orthodox economists. Though she couldn’t find conclusive answers to her questions from these sources, Mary’s footage exposes the rift between the abstract world that mainstream academics inhabit and economic reality as regular people experience it worldwide.

From her time in the classes, Mary remarks that the most challenging thing to understand was the graphical models of the economy. As a result, the film is divided into three parts that interrogate how markets, firms, and macroeconomic issues are visualized in mainstream economics.

Join us on Zoom for a moderated discussion with Mary Filippo to learn more about her film and what motivated her work, the critical lessons learned, and her vision for a more democratic and diverse approach to the field of economics. Attendees from all backgrounds and levels of experience are welcome.

After signing up, CSEP will email all attendees with instructions on accessing Mary’s film.

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