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Lord Robert Skidelsky: What's Wrong with Economics?

Lord Professor Robert Skidelsky, emeritus Professor of Political Economy at Warwick University, discusses the shortcomings of Economics.

About this event The Cambridge Society for Economic Pluralism is greatly honoured to host Lord Professor Robert Skidelsky, - reputed author, economic historian, biographer of Keynes, and life-peer of the House of Lords - to speak on his latest book 'What's Wrong with Economics? A Primer for the Perplexed.' This insightful book looks at how mainstream economics’ quest for scientific certainty has led to a narrowing of vision and a convergence on an orthodoxy that is unhealthy for the field, not to mention the societies which base policy decisions on the advice of flawed economic models. Skidelsky’s clearly written and compelling critique takes aim at the way that economics is taught in today’s universities, where a focus on modelling leaves students ill-equipped to grapple with what is important and true about human life. He argues for a return to the ideal set out by John Maynard Keynes that the economist must be a “mathematician, historian, statesman, [and] philosopher” in equal measure. In his talk, Lord Skidelsky will cover:

  • The role of the state in economic growth and development

  • The limitations of equilibrium theorising in economic discourse

  • The use of behavioural economics in modelling social interactions more realistically

  • The role of ideology and power in shaping economic theory

  • The ethical dimensions of economics and market economies

  • The future of the economy and economics

Following the talk, there'll be ample time to pose questions to Lord Skidelsky on any dimensions of his talk or book, so come prepared!

The event is free and registration with CSEP is not required. However, spaces are highly limited so sign-up ASAP to avoid disappointment.

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