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Edible Economics: The Need for Economic Pluralism and Economic Literacy

The Cambridge Society for Economic Pluralism hosts Ha-Joon Chang on the topic, 'The Need for Economic Pluralism and Economic Literacy'.

Date and time

Fri, 10 March 2023, 16:30 – 18:00 GMT


Keynes Lecture Theatre, King’s College, University of Cambridge

Ha-Joon Chang is a Distinguished Research Professor of economics at SOAS University of London. Previously he was at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Cambridge. In addition to numerous journal articles and book chapters, he has published 17 authored books (five co-authored) and 11 edited books (seven co-edited). His main books include The Political Economy of Industrial Policy, Kicking Away the Ladder, Bad Samaritans, 23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism, and Economics: The User’s Guide. His latest book is Edible Economics – A Hungry Economist Explains the World. His writings have been translated and published in 45 languages and 46 countries. Worldwide, his books have sold over 2 million copies. Chang has advised numerous international organizations, national governments, civil society organizations, and corporations (both private-sector and public). He is currently a member of CDP (Committee for Development Policy), the highest advisory body of the United Nations on development issues, as well as committees overseeing or advising other international organizations (e.g., UNRISD, AIIB) and academic bodies (e.g., IDS). Chang is the winner of the 2003 Gunnar Myrdal Prize and the 2005 Wassily Leontief Prize.

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