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Economists’ Opinions about Economics

Peter Andre, author of "What’s Worth Knowing? Economists’ Opinions about Economics' presents the results of his survey of 10,000 economists

About this event What will the future of economic research look like? To answer this question, we are excited to present our next conference with Peter Andre, who surveyed 10,000 economic researchers about their opinions of economics.

Peter Andre is the co-author of the working paper “What’s Worth Knowing? Economists’ Opinions about Economics” with Armin Falk, which analyses the results of this unique global survey. By asking the opinions of a wide and international range of economists, they were able to understand how researchers want economics to evolve. Join us to discuss policy relevance, specialisation, multidisciplinary, riskiness, disruptiveness, and quality of research and get a glimpse of what economics may look like in the future.

Read their working paper

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