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CSEP and CULC Host: The Return of the State

CSEP and the Cambridge University Labour Club host a panel discussion on The Return of the State: Restructuring Britain for the Common Good

About this event

Book Summary Bringing together policy proposals from some of the brightest and most-engaged thinkers in the UK, this book presents both a vision of a future Britain and a roadmap to getting there. Pushed by the Covid-19 crisis, the UK government has borrowed massively to save jobs, businesses and the economy from collapse, making a mockery of the austerity policies that it had championed for a decade. As a result, the role of the state is now in sharp focus. This book calls for nothing short of a new settlement and a complete redesign of the economy. Contributors argue passionately and persuasively for a state that is properly funded, one that looks after its citizens regardless of age, class or ethnicity and enables them to live well. To do this requires the establishment of a functional, fair and green economy managed with a social and public purpose.


Our esteemed speakers include:

  • Patrick Allen, Chair and Founder of the Progressive Economy Forum, introducing the book

  • Dr Richard Wilkinson, Professor Emeritus of Social Epidemiology, on post-pandemic health and well-being

  • Stewart Lansley, academic and authors, on Inequality

  • Dr Johnna Montgomerie, Professor of International Political Economy and KCL, on household debt relief

  • Will Hutton, columnist, author, and executive, on an ownership revolution

  • Professor Sue Konzelmann and Marc Fovargue-Davies, of the University of London, on industrial strategy for post-COVID Britain.

  • Dr Jan Toporowski, Professor of Economics and Finance at SOAS, University of London, on an alternative fiscal strategy for a progressive recovery

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