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Past Year Committee

Thanks to their hard work could our society thrive and prosper in a world dominated by neoliberalism


President - Jonathan Loke
Vice-President - Haoxuan Liu

Vice-President - Manuel Lara Aguado
Treasurer - Nick Testa

Publicity Officer - Sarah Ouyang
​Publicity Officer - Sofia Rooke-Ley

Digital Officer - Shiyi Zhang

Digital Officer - Yuqing He

Digital Officer - Grace Liu
Events Officer - Navya Kumar
Events Officer - Sofia He
Events Officer - Maria Papapetrou

Events Officer - Charles Jones


President - Nick Testa
Vice-President - Alex Oktay
Secretary - Dev Asnani
Senior Treasurer - Ha-Joon Chang
Junior Treasurer - Tamas Vamos
Economic Justice Officer - Kate Tanha
Social Events Officer - Linya Peng
Paper 0 Officer - Flora Wei
Logistics Officer - Ronak Parik
Logistics Officer - Tianqing Chen
Publicity Officer - Su Ulkeni
​Publicity Officer - Laure Alizeé Le Lannou
Events Officer - Maria Mak
Events Officer - Chuyu Dai
Events Officer - Beatrice Bullough
Digital Officer - Manuel Lara Aguado
Digital Officer - Haoxuan Liu
Subject Representative: History & Politics - Daniel Oosthuzein
Subject Representative: Public Policy - Nari Nurjaman
Subject Representative: HSPS - Henry Dengri
Subject Representative: Land Economy - Ruby Zhang
Subject Representative: English - Dominic Morgan
Subject Representative: PBS - Charlotte Rutherford 


President - Oskar Lewns
Vice-President - Emma Kearney
General Secretary - Linya Peng
Speakers Officer - Zhiqi Wang
Speakers Officer - Florentin Kerschbaumer
Speakers Officer - Nick Testa
Paper 0 Officer - Tony Zhang
​Curriculum Reform Officer - Moeez Moqeem


President - Nathaniel Cooke
Vice-President - Annamara Rimmer
Treasurer - Zsombor Verkmann
General Secretary - Emma Kearney

Publicity officer - SAM O'BREE 
Digital Officer - Macy Chung
Freshers Rep - Moeez Moqeem 
Graphic Design Officer - Fin Moorhouse

Paper O Officer - Kiran Manthry
Social Events Officer - Linya Peng
Speaker Officer - Chloe Choi

Curriculum Reform
Head of Curriculum Reform - Oskar Lewns

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